B.O.M.B.S. - Fabolous Mp3 Download

B.O.M.B.S. - Fabolous mp3 download

B.O.M.B.S. - Fabolous Lyric

Back on my bullshit (Bullshit)
Back to back on my bullshit (Bullshit)
Matter fact that was bullshit
I'm goin' back to back to back on my bullshit (Bullshit)

Do it one time they gon' think it's luck (Think it's luck)
Gotta hit 'em with the repeat
Do it two times they gon' still doubt (Still doubt)
Ay, now I got a three peat

Gotta flood the streets 'til they knee deep
Gotta stay woke can't be sleep
All this fly shit don't be cheap
All these bad bitches that we keep 'round

Pockets gotta be deep now
Never lose again, live in me deep down
Gotta keep winnin' it's a clean sweep now
Tell her back it up, you hit three beeps now

Big truck lil' bitch
Call me Greek freak, big bucks lil' bitch
Paid in Full, lil' Ace, lil' Mitch
You a R.I.C.O, lil' case, you're snitch

Not from Chicago but too shy to speak
Ask Where's Waldo? I'm too high to seek
Move like cargo I do fly every week
Princess in Lagos, Dubai with shiekhs

Anywhere I go, new vibes the freak
Told her I'm Drago, you Apollo Creed
Far as high cars go, you guys to me
I Murcielago and you dry your feet

I'm that bull in the hood
New Lamb truck, got the bull in the hood
Black and red lookin' like the Bulls at the hood
23's on and got the Bulls ain't good

This game six, this can't miss
Shootin' my shot, wrist hang switch
Ice my shit like I just rain this
Milli plain jane and that bitch stainless

Look, money talk, shawty speakin' this language
Buy her a car, she gon' switch lanes quick
I got shut off money, I don't explain shit
Do you wanna boss up or just change shifts?

Pretty little jawn and she gets things lit
Baby got a crew on some rich gang shit
PNB and Meek muzzle the same bitch
If you look in her eyes, man that shit's dangerous

On God
On the gang, on bros
No bullshit, you the one D. Rose
Pass me to Pippen, the long nose

Then it's game over, the horn blows
This the last shot
You tryna be on the team or be the mascot?
Wanna be the first lady or the last thot?

I'm payin' the DeWayne Wade but I flash Knotts, whoa
I thought you could've been Jordan
Found out that you wasn't even Ben Gordan
Next one get flewed out, I'm keepin' them boardin'
Like Toni Kukoč, I'm foreign, imported, yeah

I cannot bullshit with none of y'all (None of y'all)
I got the bullseye on some of y'all (Some of y'all)
I feel like Michael in '95 (95)
Back on my bullshit this summer y'all

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