NY Minute - Rich Rhymer Feat. Dave East Mp3 Download

NY Minute - Rich Rhymer Feat. Dave East mp3 download

NY Minute - Rich Rhymer Feat. Dave East Lyric

1 time for the ones that ain't here
Just Imagine Chinx and Bundles was here
Biggie Smalls Big L Big Pun
RIP to the ones in the air
Kill dat rat wit the colorful hair
I don't trust u if u color ya hair
Type of chump put u under for years
City spooky shit ain't wonderful here
All them Summertime shootouts in New York wasn't Fabolous here
We Taking L's down to Madison Square
1 time for L'z Locked inside yeah
2 Times for Shmurda and GS9 Yeah
Bring it back to Shyne he did a dime yeah
Free Max they reversed that 75 yeah
In my city don't play
Can't walk without security man
Look at YBN Jay
Spoke to Ma$e last night he told me fly to the A
Go to Atlanta just to finish the tape
But I'm chilling on 8th
Pray my city gon ball
Never thought that Cam'ron and JayZ would stand on to perform
Tell the city it's on
This for Harlem We$t to Ea$t
I'm bout to blow up in the streets in a New York!

Uh, King of New York
I never claimed the King of New York
Jacking Tekashi nigga that's like me eating pork
I could whip it wit a spoon imagine me wit a fork
I seen on boats seen wit Yacht Masters seen on resorts
I had the judge nervous I look like a demon in court
I did the mansion played the penthouse I need me a loft
We from Harlem we a lil' more conceited than y'all
Grand Theft Auto if I needed a car
Understand me
New Jersey Drive shit
Since Children of the Corn I paid homage
Trust nobody in ya car watch who u ride wit
It's getting warm the pressure on nigga stay solid
They don't respect ya money then make em respect violence
Don't nobody breathe up in this bitch
U violate and ain't nobody leaving out this bitch
She was on me broke ya heart u had to leave without ya bitch
New York City the home of where a fiend could get u rich
Paid in Full got these niggaz thinking they Mitch
I fuck wit older niggaz that really was round wit Rich
Downtown niggaz that really got down wit Fritz
Shout out to Kev Chiles nigga came home & got in my vid
Niggaz lose they life over gambling
Everybody fresh from 1st ave to Drew Hamilton
I get love on 8th ave
I get love on 7th too
I came to ya party got the weapon thru
Security never knew

It's the home of Richie Porter the place of the lost legends
Hell in Harlem when I die I pray I ball in Heaven
Drug dealers turned rapper they want us all arrested
Sad we seen prisons and funerals more than we saw weddings

Hit the club no hammer I got 2 hawks in it
Harlem nigga but Nas signed me in a New York minute
I don't care if the Knicks trash know that New York winning
Black and Dominican on Audubon wit good gas nigga

Ima rappers worst nightmare
Black and Puerto Rican good hair in some Nike airs
Crackers want me shackled colored skin what them whites fear
Throw to me wolves I bringing furs back leading the pack
That got em type scared

White hairs all in ya Caesar nigga u stressing
Ya homie wasn't really acting right so niggaz left em
Iron board them niggaz pressed him
Thought they did Yoga the way they stretch em
I kick it like David Beckham

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