This Is How (We Want You to Get High) - Single - George Michael

This Is How (We Want You to Get High) - Single MP3 Download

George Michael

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2019-11-06
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 3
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Title Artist Time
Download This Is How (We Want You to Ge George Michael 4:00
Download This Is How (We Want You to Ge George Michael 4:00
Download This Is How (We Want You to Ge George Michael 5:40


  • Matured over time to be a master of his craft

    By RobbieLyons-Goodyear
    Typical George Michael. Not often did we use to hear from him but when we did he created such catchy pop songs with funky / soulful touches or songs which enabled the listener to feel his pain. He music will truly stand the test of time. RIP x

    By Nor Heavin
    Getting high unfor was a sad sad downfall , you we're really still a gentleman genius Thoughtful soul . There will never be another GEORGE MICHAEL ✌️🎶🇮🇪 love you n I wish I could go to your resting place you saved my soul 👊 rest well mr GEORGE MICHAEL, ❤️ il say a prayer for you tonight 👊❤️
  • Great song

    By Duke848e
    It great to hear George Michael’s voice again through this new song. I don’t think you can beat his voice and passion he put into his music a true music legend.
  • Absolutely fantastic

    By dad1933
    Thanks so much for new song, it’s absolutely brilliant, GeorgeMichael the greatest singer ever with the most amazing voice,
  • Truly amazing

    By KKola19
    Love George’s new song, such a shame we won’t get to hear him sing it live.
  • Amazing song

    By Covman
    All these people saying it sounds nothing like him clearly are not fans , it’s a classic George song in the same vain as white light , hope the family release the other songs that were finished for release, George your a legend x
  • Impressive stuff...

    By Patroller
    I’m really impressed with this posthumous release. Far better than the lame fantasy remix that was lauded as an epitaph but turned out to be a bit of an embarrassingly rushed effort. This showcases his brilliant lyrics, style and ability to sound renewed but still retain that George stamp of unrivalled quality. Impeccable guitar work, great fitting of lyrics to melody and a truly hummable chorus. Gorgeous. Love it!
  • #thisishow

    By Stuntyuk
    What do I think of the new single? Well... If i’d replied on wednesday, I’d have probably have said “it’s okay” or “not one of my favourites”. But I’ve listened to it about 200 times now, and here’s what I think. Goes without saying that, like every fan, I was excited to receive GM’s first commercially available single for 7 years. AND like every fan we kind of have to make allowances (however small) as, with us having lost him nearly 3 years ago, we have to wonder a little, with it having been recorded between 2013 and 2015, if with his eye for detail and perfectionism, if his intention was for it ever to see the light of day. Do I like it? Yes, rather a lot. And I’m keeping my fingers crossed for some dance remixes to emerge at some point. After the first...I dunno, couple of dozen plays I was almost convinced that it shouldn’t have been released. That it wasn’t ‘worthy’ almost. I said to a friend that it was over-produced, repetitive, full of child-like, simplistic lyrics - just like half, if not most of the charts, now and for the last decade. The likes of which George had strived so hard for so long to be above. And succeeded. After about 100 plays, and dissecting the lyrics, I changed my tune (no pun intended) 😊 I play it at full blast in my headphones on the journey to work. It’s soulful. It’s head and shoulders above ALL the manufactured durge in the charts. It’s melancholic. It’s sad. It’s uplifting. It’s retrospective on one level. A latent cry for help? A pre-planned goodbye song? We’ll never know. But it’s a winner of a tune. And I love it. #thisishow
  • Fabulous

    By stevienb2
    Superb dance track. Love it.
  • Dreaming of a sunnier space...

    By Chipping Jules
    Simply stunning!